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Aspen Ridge Farm

Aspen Ridge Farm

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Jonestown Rd
Oxford, NJ 07863
(727) 424-8591

We are committed to the challenge of raising healthy, nourishing, and affordable food in ways that are respectful and sustainable to the soil, animals, local community, and the natural ecosystems. Acknowledging the interconnected nature of food systems, we have strived to alleviate the impact of agriculture on the environment through integrated rotational grazing and foraging methods, natural and humane practices, and a focus on local markets.
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Region: Warren County


Bloomfield Farms

Bloomfield Farms

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12550 Valley Ford Rd
Petaluma, CA 94952
(707) 876-3261

It is our mission at Bloomfield Farms to grow certified organic and heirloom produce of unparalleled nutrition, freshness, and quality. We strive to be the reliable sustainable farming partner of choice to our customers and suppliers, all the while taking great care to conserve and regenerate the lands we steward in the Estero Americano Watershed.

Please see our Yelp Reviews on our CSA program and U-Pick Sunday events at: http://www.yelp.com/biz/bloomfield-farms-petaluma
Categories: Farms; CSA Farms; Fruits & Vegetables; CSA Fiber Farms
Region: Sonoma County


Blue Sky Organic Farms

Blue Sky Organic Farms

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4762 N 189th Ave
Litchfield Park, AZ 85340
(623) 266-4031
(919) 328-0224

Blue Sky Organic Farms is a family farm located in Litchfield, AZ. We have been farming in sunny Arizona since 1995. We grow 100% of the produce we offer and are extremely proud to be certified organic. You can find a small selection of our produce at Whole Foods Grocery Stores across the Valley and a full selection at the Scottsdale Farmers Market on Saturdays. We are very excited to have begun our new CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program this season in which our neighbors can support our farm in exchange for a weekly share of our harvest. There is no better way to be certain of where your food comes from and to support your local economy than by participating in your neighborhood farm’s CSA program. This food is grown fresh in your area; what a great way to do your part! And there is no greater satisfaction for this organic farmer than to know he is providing clean, healthy food to the members of this community.

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Region: Maricopa County


Family Heritage Farms

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944 Cedar Hill Rd
Blackstone, VA 23824
(804) 658-7189

A family farm located in Blackstone, VA. Our goal is to provide the highest quality Non-GMO produce and products to our CSA members and to the public alike. We use open pollinated heirloom seeds and our products are organically grown.
Categories: Farms; Pick Your Own Farms; Produce Farms; CSA Farms; Fruits & Vegetables; CSA Meat Farms; CSA Fiber Farms
Region: Nottoway County

Grant Family Farms CSA

Grant Family Farms CSA

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1020 WCR 72
Wellington, co 80549
(970) 568-7654

Grant Family Farms lies in the foothills of the Colorado Rocky Mountains, just south of the Wyoming border. We are deeply committed to growing healthy, delicious food and to being responsible stewards of our land and the people that work on our farm.

Our Community Supported Agriculture program has members throughout Colorado and Wyoming. Our convenient community pick up locations are managed by volunteers - al of which are deeply dedicated to advancing the local foods movement. When you join our CSA - you automatically become part of something larger than yourself and help push local foods forward.

Our CSA offers veggie, fruit, cheese, mushroom, bread, and egg shares - all organic and delicious! Our CSA season is 6 months long; 26 weekly pick ups. Learn more at grantfarms.com
Categories: Farms; CSA Farms; Blogs; Fruits & Vegetables; CSA Fiber Farms
Region: Larimer County


Great Lakes Fibers

Great Lakes Fibers

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3614 Hull Rd
Huron, OH 44839
(419) 366-1302

Great Lakes Fibers offers a fantastic CSA opportunity involving fleeces and yarn. Sort and skirt (pick through) newly shorn alpaca and llama fleeces in preparation for sending them to the mill to be transformed into yarn and roving.
Categories: Products; Online Shopping; Farms; Clothing; CSA Farms; Clothing Online Shopping; Livestock Farms; Alpacas; CSA Fiber Farms
Region: Erie County


Hesperides Organica

Hesperides Organica

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5 Owl Ln
Warwick, NY 10990
(845) 490-1201

Hesperides Organica Farm, established in 2007, is located in the Black Dirt region of Orange County, NY. We sell our produce through Community Supported Agriculture - CSA.
Categories: Farms; Produce Farms; CSA Farms; CSA Fiber Farms
Region: Orange County


Kai-Kai Farm

Kai-Kai Farm

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8006 SW Kanner Hwy
Indiantown, FL 34956
(772) 597-1717
(561) 531-1465

Kai-Kai Farm is a 40-acre site designed and built for growing specialty vegetables for the local market. The list of vegetables is lengthy and most varieties are not found in local grocery stores because they are usually more delicate and not bred for long distance travel; notwithstanding this attribute the vegetables still outlast their commercial counterparts because of their freshness. The owners and operators have professional training in horticulture and entomology and they are passionate about what they grow and their customer service.
Categories: Farms; CSA Farms; CSA Fiber Farms
Region: Martin County


Kindred Spirit Farm

Kindred Spirit Farm

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20232 121st Ave
Spring Valley, MN 55975
(855) 228-4995

A small family farm in Southeastern Minnesota that raises longwool sheep and offers a fiber CSA as well as fleece, roving, yarn, and breeding stock for sale.
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Region: Fillmore County


Raccoon Forks Farm

Raccoon Forks Farm

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8770 El Paso Ave
Redfield, IA 50233
(515) 833-0338

Raccoon Forks Farm is an eight-acre farm located in rural Dallas County, just outside of Redfield. We utilize sustainable farming practices to provide locally grown, chemical-free produce while offering employment opportunities to people with disabilities. We offer a CSA program for 20 weeks in the summer and 6 weeks in the fall. You can expect a variety of vegetables each week. From our happy, pastured chickens come our rich tasting brown eggs. To ensure proper nutrition they are also fed an all-natural, vegetarian supplemental diet. Our farm raises broiler chickens each summer, as well, providing you the chance to have whole chickens to purchase individually or as a CSA.
Categories: Farms; CSA Farms; Free Range Eggs; Free Range Poultry; Fruits & Vegetables; Free Range Chicken; CSA Fiber Farms
Region: Dallas County