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Banbury Cross Farm

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109 Coleman Road
Goshen, NY 10924
(845) 321-9054

We are USDA certified grass fed for our beef/lamb products. We feed all of our poultry GMO free (tested) feed as well as our pork products. Our rabbits are fed GMO free alfalfa pellets. We sell all types/cuts of meat. Store is open to Public on Wednesdays 1-4 or by appointment.
Categories: Farms; Meat Farms; Beef; Grass-Fed Beef; Livestock Farms; Sheep & Lambs; Chickens
Region: Orange County

Farm2Family, LLC.

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1340 NE 140th St
Citra, FL 32113
(352) 789-2809

It is our vision to supply fresh food to your family and to ours.
Categories: Farms; Corporations; Livestock Farms; Chickens
Region: Marion County

Findley Farm

Findley Farm

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260 Patterson Rd
Box Springs, GA 31801
(706) 326-2186
(706) 575-3889

At Findley Farms the animals we raise are steroid, growth hormone and antibiotic free, and free range. Currently we sell free range eggs from Dominique hens and all natural beef. We also sell Northern Bobwhite Quail day old chicks, Early Release, Flight Ready Birds and Day Hunts. In the future we hope to start selling free range heritage turkeys.
Categories: Farms; Meat Farms; Beef; Livestock Farms; Rabbits; Gamebirds & Waterfowl; Chickens
Region: Talbot County

Five Dog Farm

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PO Box 446
Onyx, CA 93255
(760) 812-7833

State and Kern County certified, Five Dog Farms boasts fresh eggs, produce, jams, breads, and nursury items.
Categories: Farms; Produce Farms; Jams & Jellies; Baked Goods; Fruits & Vegetables; Greenhouses & Nurseries; Livestock Farms; Chickens
Region: Kern County

Gannon's Hobby Farm

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8454 E US Hwy 36
Coatesville, IN 46121
(317) 371-3561

Poultry, eggs & fun!
Categories: Farms; Livestock Farms; Hatching Eggs; Turkeys; Gamebirds & Waterfowl; Chickens
Region: Putnam County

Hastad Farm

2158 132nd Pl
Knoxville, IA 50138
(515) 249-4302

We offer feeder pigs and eggs.
Categories: Farms; Eggs; Livestock Farms; Swine; Chickens
Region: Marion County

Heritage Hen Farm

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8495 S Haverhill Rd
Boynton Beach, FL 33436
(561) 767-9000

At Heritage Hen Farm we believe the sun nourishes the soil and the soil nourishes the grass. The grass, each blade a solar panel, nourishes the animals and the animals nourish us. We are season and weather dependent so we only bring to market what our animals give us, without feeding them stimulants, antibiotics or chemicals. We practice the Juliet de Barclay Levy method of traditional farming.
Categories: Farms; Dairy Farms; Raw Dairy Farms; Livestock Farms; Chickens
Region: Palm Beach County



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La Fayette, NY 13084
(315) 362-9799

At Hilltopfarms, we raise a variety of Pheasants, Waterfowl, Peafowl, Pigeon, some Chickens, and hatching eggs.
Categories: Farms; Livestock Farms; Hatching Eggs; Gamebirds & Waterfowl; Chickens
Region: Onondaga County

Homegrown and Loving it

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1225 CR 878B
Sweeny, TX 77480
(979) 318-5381

Sept. 2012 My husband and I decided to buy a house together to have a garden and a pond for fish. Then came the chickens, ducks and Guineas (for protection for the birds) And now the Rabbits have arrived. Next on the "to do" list is the incubator and then the Quail, and the goats. (yes, I want to milk them and make Cheese etc.) The Gardens are "growing" and we are learning as we go which foods we like and dont like. If you have any suggestions, or questions, please feel free to ask. Oh, and if you would like to purchase fresh eggs, We got that too.
Categories: Farms; Livestock Farms; Rabbits; Gamebirds & Waterfowl; Chickens
Region: Brazoria County

Johnson Sheep and Chicken Farm

Johnson Sheep and Chicken  Farm

, MI 48827
(517) 646-0177

We sell registered Shetland and pure bred Cheviots for registered breeding stock and for some meat.
Categories: Farms; Livestock Farms; Sheep & Lambs; Chickens
Region: Eaton County

Leap Frog Industries

Leap Frog Industries

PO Box 483
San Marcos, CA 92079
(855) 534-5341

All of our products are made in the USA and are either organic or recyclable!
Categories: Products; Farms; Fertilizers & Minerals; Vineyards & Wineries; Corporations; Livestock Farms; Soils; Chickens; Garden Supplies
Region: San Diego County

McConnell's Black Javas

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175 Morrison Church Rd
Franklin, NC 28734
(828) 369-3916

Breeding the second oldest breed of American Chicken. Hatching eggs available $30.00 per 18 eggs.
Categories: Farms; Livestock Farms; Hatching Eggs; Chickens
Region: Macon County

Montrose Farms Alpaca Ranch

Montrose Farms Alpaca Ranch

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Brownsburg, Indiana 46112
(317) 456-4083

Historic Indiana farm where the animals always come first. We breed suri alpacas and exotic bantam chickens for sale. We also sell eggs, alpaca fleece and items made from alpaca fleece. Contact us for sales, tours and events.
Categories: Products; Farms; Meat Farms; Textiles & Materials; Eggs; Alpaca Fiber; Livestock Farms; Alpacas; Chickens
Region: Hendricks County

Napa Backyard Chickens

Napa Backyard Chickens

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Napa, CA
(702) 528-5836

Napa Backyard Chickens was established to promote the enjoyment of chickens in a small scale, backyard setting. Watching chickens interact and forage provides hours of entertainment. And of course, eggs!
Categories: Farms; Livestock Farms; Chickens
Region: Napa County

Peacock Family Farm

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15005 SW Indianola Rd
Augusta, KS 67010
(316) 776-2811

We are a small, family-operated farm offering free-range, hormone-free, large brown eggs and raw, unpasteurized/non-homogenized cow milk.

While our processes are not 'certified' organic, we do believe in a sustainable, holistic approach to farm management. Our chickens are free-range, given only layers crumbles and oyster shells for improved shell quality. Our Jersey cows are pasture grazed; given alfalfa cubes and sweet feed to provide the extra nutrients that dairy cattle need. The cows are hand milked twice daily and the milk is simply filtered and refrigerated until sold.

We are committed to providing the local community fresh, wholesome products at a competitive price. We are raising our 8 children to learn the value of hard work, fair dealings and long-term relationships. Our customers are not simply customers, they become our friends.

We look forward to serving you. Please call us for directions or to check on product availability.

Sincerely, Don & Charlene Peacock
Categories: Farms; Meat Farms; Produce Farms; Dairy Farms; Fruits & Vegetables; Rabbit; Raw Dairy Farms; Livestock Farms; Chickens
Region: Butler County

Peterson Family Farm

240 S 300 W
Salem, Ut 84653
(801) 423-3762

Our family raises cattle, sheep, pigs, and chickens on our small family farm. All our animals are free range, natural, and fed only natural pasture grass and leftover produce from our fruit trees and garden. Orders for our natural beef, pork, lamb, and eggs are always welcome.
Categories: Farms; Meat Farms; Pork; Livestock Farms; Sheep & Lambs; Cows; Chickens
Region: Utah County

Quality Hatching Eggs

Quality Hatching Eggs

11351 NE 123 Pl
Archer, FL 32618
(888) 595-5306

We are a small farm just outside of Gainesville Florida. We provide schools and research centers quality hatching eggs for their science fair project and research. In spring we offer chicks for sale.
Categories: Farms; Livestock Farms; Hatching Eggs; Chickens
Region: Alachua County

ReZoNation Farm

ReZoNation Farm

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, AZ
(520) 603-1804

Categories: Farms; Meat Farms; Pork; Pasture Raised Pork; Honey Farms; Livestock Farms; Chickens
Region: Pima County

Sisters Heritage Farms

Sisters Heritage Farms

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Fallbrook, CA 92028

Organic Fed, soy free, corn free chickens and eggs. We also have ducks and duck eggs. Avocados, citrus, sapotes, persimmons and more!
Categories: Farms; Pick Your Own Farms; Meat Farms; Eggs; Free Range Eggs; Livestock Farms; Hatching Eggs; Chickens
Region: San Diego County

Stevens Family Farm

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9009 Thompson Rd
Alvarado, TX 76009
(817) 733-2848
(817) 240-9450

We are a small, family owned and operated farm located 30 minutes south of Fort Worth. We are starting a CSA for Fall 2013! Sign up now because we are only taking 15 shares! We raise chickens to produce tasty meat and a bountiful supply of eggs. We also have a small flock of turkeys, which can be reserved to be ready for your special family gathering. We also raise pigs, and families can reserve a half or whole processed pig. You are welcomed to visit us or email us for more information.
Categories: Farms; Meat Farms; CSA Farms; Poultry; Pork; Pasture Raised Pork; Turkey; Chicken; Livestock Farms; Chickens
Region: Johnson County

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