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Bennett Gamebirds

Bennett Gamebirds

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38295 280th St
Armour, SD 57313
(605) 760-3395

Bobwhite quail and chukar partridge for sale.
Categories: Farms; Livestock Farms; Gamebirds & Waterfowl
Region: Douglas County

Churutabis Farm

Churutabis Farm

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53 Hyatt Rd
Branchville, NJ 07826
(973) 271-2979

We are committed to the challenge of raising healthy, nourishing, and affordable food in ways that are respectful and sustainable to the soil, animals, local community, and the natural ecosystems. Acknowledging the interconnected nature of food systems, we have strived to alleviate the impact of agriculture on the environment through integrated rotational grazing and foraging methods, natural and humane practices, and a focus on local markets.
Categories: Lifestyle; Farms; Meat Farms; Recipes; Poultry; Duck; Turkey; Chicken; Rabbit; Free Range Chicken; Free Range Turkey; Pasture Raised Duck; Livestock Farms; Gamebirds & Waterfowl
Region: Sussex County

Falco's Heritage Farm

Falco's Heritage Farm

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1001 Cooper Point Rd
Olympia, WA 98502
(360) 915-5720

Every aspect of our farm management process has been approached in a holistic way. We consider the health, well being, treatment and effect of our practices on the birds, our water, our land, our air, and especially YOU!
Categories: Farms; Meat Farms; CSA Farms; Poultry; Duck; Turkey; Chicken; Free Range Chicken; Free Range Turkey; CSA Meat Farms; Pasture Raised Duck; Quail; Livestock Farms; Free Range Quail; Gamebirds & Waterfowl
Region: Thurston County

Findley Farm

Findley Farm

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260 Patterson Rd
Box Springs, GA 31801
(706) 326-2186
(706) 575-3889

At Findley Farms the animals we raise are steroid, growth hormone and antibiotic free, and free range. Currently we sell free range eggs from Dominique hens and all natural beef. We also sell Northern Bobwhite Quail day old chicks, Early Release, Flight Ready Birds and Day Hunts. In the future we hope to start selling free range heritage turkeys.
Categories: Farms; Meat Farms; Beef; Livestock Farms; Rabbits; Gamebirds & Waterfowl; Chickens
Region: Talbot County

Gannon's Hobby Farm

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8454 E US Hwy 36
Coatesville, IN 46121
(317) 371-3561

Poultry, eggs & fun!
Categories: Farms; Livestock Farms; Hatching Eggs; Turkeys; Gamebirds & Waterfowl; Chickens
Region: Putnam County



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La Fayette, NY 13084
(315) 362-9799

At Hilltopfarms, we raise a variety of Pheasants, Waterfowl, Peafowl, Pigeon, some Chickens, and hatching eggs.
Categories: Farms; Livestock Farms; Hatching Eggs; Gamebirds & Waterfowl; Chickens
Region: Onondaga County

Homegrown and Loving it

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1225 CR 878B
Sweeny, TX 77480
(979) 318-5381

Sept. 2012 My husband and I decided to buy a house together to have a garden and a pond for fish. Then came the chickens, ducks and Guineas (for protection for the birds) And now the Rabbits have arrived. Next on the "to do" list is the incubator and then the Quail, and the goats. (yes, I want to milk them and make Cheese etc.) The Gardens are "growing" and we are learning as we go which foods we like and dont like. If you have any suggestions, or questions, please feel free to ask. Oh, and if you would like to purchase fresh eggs, We got that too.
Categories: Farms; Livestock Farms; Rabbits; Gamebirds & Waterfowl; Chickens
Region: Brazoria County

Hough Family Farm

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127 Burrs Mill Rd
Vincentown, NJ 08088
(609) 352-9128

We are a family farm that raises quality pastured 100% Berkshire Pork, Suffolk Lamb, Rouen Duck, White Cornish Cross Broilers, and both duck and chicken eggs. We do NOT use hormones, steroids, or antibiotics. All of our supplemental grains are NON-GMO!
Categories: Farms; Meat Farms; Poultry; Lamb; Pork; Duck; Pasture Raised Lamb; Pasture Raised Pork; Livestock Farms; Gamebirds & Waterfowl
Region: Burlington County

Mystic Springs Farm

6516 Heister Valley Rd
Richfield, PA 17086
(570) 837-9832

We are a small scale sustainable farm selling to the public through CSA's and at our farm stand. We offer over 80 varieties of veggies, fruits, herbs, flowers and amazing salad greens. We also offer pastured chicken, ducks and turkeys. Check out our website for full details and pictures of the farm and produce. Friend us on Facebook to see our daily activities and get some great ideas from Chef Giles on how to use all the great produce grown here.
Categories: Farms; Produce Farms; CSA Farms; Berries; Fruits & Vegetables; Farm Stands; Livestock Farms; Gamebirds & Waterfowl
Region: Juniata County

Stellar Game Birds

Stellar Game Birds

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1023 Stephens Rd
Ruskin, FL 33570
(813) 380-4432

Categories: Farms; Livestock Farms; Hatching Eggs; Gamebirds & Waterfowl
Region: Hillsborough County

The Hillbilly Bride

The Hillbilly Bride

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246 FM 1240
Marlin, TX 76661
(254) 292-9633

We raise Jumbo Brown Coturnix Quail as meat birds from day old to 10 weeks old. We feed our quail soy-free, non-gmo certified organic feed and they are vaccine and hormone free.
Categories: Farms; Livestock Farms; Gamebirds & Waterfowl
Region: Falls County

Touchstone Farm

Touchstone Farm

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140 Touchstone Ln
Amissville, VA 20106
(540) 937-6124

Categories: Products; Lifestyle; Online Shopping; Farms; Meat Farms; Textiles & Materials; Recipes; Lamb; Wools; Pasture Raised Lamb; Fleeces; Pelts; Textiles & Materials Online Shopping; Livestock Farms; Sheep & Lambs; Gamebirds & Waterfowl
Region: Culpeper County

Trinity Ridge Farm

Trinity Ridge Farm

Dallas, OR 97338
(503) 606-2756

Categories: Farms; Meat Farms; Lamb; Pork; Duck; Pasture Raised Lamb; Pasture Raised Pork; Honey Farms; Pasture Raised Duck; Quail; Livestock Farms; Goats; Hatching Eggs; Free Range Quail; Gamebirds & Waterfowl; Swine
Region: Polk County

Mountain Bed Farm

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Sherwood, OR 97140
(503) 560-9121

Mountain Bed Farm is a new sustainable farming venture in Sherwood, Oregon specializing in heirloom, open pollinated, gourmet produce and rare breed heritage poultry for eggs and meat. The farm has strict beyond organic values that include enhancing the soil, respecting nature and wildlife, preserving genetic diversity, and making sure that every animal has a happy, healthy and natural life.
Categories: Farms; Produce Farms; Free Range Eggs; Fruits & Vegetables; Livestock Farms; Gamebirds & Waterfowl; Swine; Chickens
Region: Washington County

Sassafras Valley Farm, LLC.

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Morrison, MO 65061
(708) 524-2860
(866) 684-2188

We raise free range geese and duck and market other locally produced specialties.
Categories: Products; Lifestyle; Online Shopping; Farms; Food & Drink; Meats Online Shopping; Food & Drink Online Shopping; Farmstays / Bed & Breakfasts; Meats; Livestock Farms; Gamebirds & Waterfowl
Region: Gasconade County

Stokes Creek, LLC.

Hampstead, MD 21074
(410) 374-3427

Categories: Grocers & Markets; Products; Farms; Meat Farms; Cosmetics; Soaps; Eggs; Free Range Eggs; Skin Care; Corporations; Beauty; Bath & Body; Livestock Farms; Goats; Gamebirds & Waterfowl
Region: Carroll County