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Great Lakes Fibers

Great Lakes Fibers

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3614 Hull Rd
Huron, OH 44839
(419) 366-1302

Great Lakes Fibers offers a fantastic CSA opportunity involving fleeces and yarn. Sort and skirt (pick through) newly shorn alpaca and llama fleeces in preparation for sending them to the mill to be transformed into yarn and roving.
Categories: Products; Online Shopping; Farms; Clothing; CSA Farms; Clothing Online Shopping; Livestock Farms; Alpacas; CSA Fiber Farms
Region: Erie County


M and S Goat Farm

M and S Goat Farm

797 Wylie Rd
Seaman, OH 45679
(937) 764-1541
(937) 205-9902

We bred and sell quality F/B Boer goats. Most of our market is wethered males for 4-H projects. Our young doelings are offered for breeding stock. Our fainting goats are offered as breeding stock. Most males are wethered and dehorned then sold as pets. Our fainters are small. We usually have both breeds of goats for sale all year.
Categories: Farms; Livestock Farms; Goats
Region: Adams County


Moonstruck Farm & Fiber

Moonstruck Farm & Fiber

9874 Cleveland Rd
Creston, OH 44217

Categories: Products; Farms; Textiles & Materials; Wools; Yarns; Pelts; Rovings; Livestock Farms; Sheep & Lambs
Region: Wayne County


Rambles Acres

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11690 W Versailles Rd
Covington, OH 45318

Categories: Farms; Meat Farms; Lamb; Pasture Raised Lamb; Livestock Farms; Hatching Eggs
Region: Miami County

Skaggs Farm

139 Valley St
Lucasville, Ohio 45648
(740) 876-9659

We offer rabbits and poultry raised organically.
Categories: Farms; Livestock Farms; Rabbits
Region: Scioto County

Steele and Son Farms

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03026 Beerbower Rd
Edgerton, OH 43517
(419) 630-7712

Family owned and operated farm for over 50 years. Hay, grain, straw, livestock and custom.
Categories: Products; Farms; Meat Farms; Textiles & Materials; Beef; Straws; Hays; Timothy; Feed & Grain; Livestock Farms; Cows
Region: Williams County

The Silver Maple Farm

The Silver Maple Farm

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1670 Sever Rd
Frankfort, OH 45629
(740) 656-4592

Our family enjoys raising Icelandic sheep and Leister Longwool sheep for their wool, meat, and for breeding. We also raise heritage chickens, geese, and pigeons. We create handspun yarn, roving, and batts from our sheep and other fibers; and enjoy weaving, knitting, and crocheting. We also grow non-GMO, chemical free, vegetables and herbs; making teas, soaps, salves, and other products from our herbs.
Our produce and fiber products may be found on our website, the Chillicothe Farmers Market, and our farm stand when in season. Smiling & Waving, Sharon
Categories: Online Shopping; Farms; Produce Farms; Soaps; Wools; Yarns; Teas; Herbs; Fruits & Vegetables; Salves; Gifts Online Shopping; Rovings; Livestock Farms; Sheep & Lambs
Region: Scioto County


The Graybrier

12619 Township Rd 106
Mount Perry, OH 43760
(740) 787-1341

We offer fine cashmere (14-18um) that has been hand combed from each animal every spring, processed, and sold as raw fiber, cloud, or spun into 100% finger weight yarn suitable for scarves, gloves, hats, and sweaters (blends also available). Currently in natural colors of taupe and white in 1oz skeins of 130yds. In addition, we offer 100% Gotland wool in whole fleeces, batting, or finished sport weight yarn - natural gray/charcoal & black color. Our Gotland wool is an average 23 micron. The lambs are black when born and mature to various shades of gray with gold overtones. Both Gotland sheep and Cashmere goats are for sale at all times. Please contact us for your fiber needs and the availability of registered Gotland sheep and Cashmere goats currently for sale.
Categories: Products; Farms; Textiles & Materials; Yarns; Fleeces; Rovings; Livestock Farms; Goats
Region: Perry County