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Bk Farmyards

Bk Farmyards

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Brooklyn, NY 11224

Bk Farmyards is a Brooklyn based decentralized farming business providing local food distribution to reduce reliance on fossil fuels and provide green jobs.
Categories: Lifestyle; Farms; CSA Farms; Classes; Workshops; Employment & Internships; Programs; Volunteer; Community Supported; Going Green
Region: Kings County

Cornell Cooperative Extension

Cornell Cooperative Extension

34570 State Hwy 10
Hamden, NY 13782
(607) 865-6531

Categories: Lifestyle; Classes; Programs; Cooperatives; Organizations; Community Supported
Region: Delaware County

Goaty Goats Plus

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3206 State Rte 79
Harpursville, NY 13787
(607) 372-0863

This is our second year of our CSA. We have LaMancha goaty goats. We offer classes in cheddare & mozzarella cheese making,water bath & pressure canning, dehydrating, and many more!!!
Categories: Products; Lifestyle; Farms; CSA Farms; Classes; Canning Classes; Cheese Making Classes; Education; Gifts
Region: Broome County