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Anichini-Moore Ranch & Farm

Anichini-Moore Ranch & Farm

RR1 Box 171
Woodward, OK 73801
(405) 823-8295
(580) 256-0657

Categories: Lifestyle; Farms; Produce Farms; Reading; Seed & Nut Farms; Blogs; Lamb; Pork; Berries; Tours; Farming Practices Classes; Herbs
Region: Woodward County


Canyon Ridge Farms

Canyon Ridge Farms

Welling, OK 74471
(918) 931-0043

Categories: Lifestyle; Farms; Produce Farms; Reading; Blogs; Milk; Free Range Eggs; Herbs; Fruits & Vegetables
Region: Cherokee County


An Organic Wife

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Hello, I'm the Organic Wife! My name is Cristina. I live in Oklahoma City with my husband, our dog and two rabbits. I'm 25 and I can still pretty much eat whatever I want - but I know that's not the smart thing to do. Over the past year I've really started to take my family's health seriously, switching to mostly organic foods. With my blog, I'll post some recipes, share what I've learned about nutrition, and help you learn how to find deals on organic foods. I'll also tackle some environmental issues and give you my tips for going green.
Categories: Lifestyle; Reading; Recipes; Blogs
Region: Oklahoma County