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Chestnut Farms

Chestnut Farms

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404 Turkey St
Hardwick, MA 01037
(413) 477-6656

Categories: Farms; Meat Farms; CSA Farms; Beef; Pork; Grass-Fed Beef; Pasture Raised Pork; Chicken; Free Range Chicken; CSA Meat Farms
Region: Worcester County


Christian Hill Farm

Christian Hill Farm

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630 Williamsville Rd
Barre, MA 01005
(978) 257-0178

We raise Purebred Gloustershire Old Spots the old fashioned way; in the woods and pastures. The pigs spend ALL of their time outside in the fresh air, and are free to roam, root, graze, wallow and play as they please. Our piglets are born here on the farm in deep-bedded huts all year round and we do not use crates or farrowing stalls. Our pigs have never had their wolf teeth broken out, their tails docked, or their noses ringed. Our pigs are slow grown with organic non-GMO grain fed twice a day, supplemented with fruits & vegetables, and free access to hay creating delicious meat for our family and yours. Raise your own, or have us raise one for you. Our premium pork is available for purchase at the farm by appointment. Our pork is processed at a USDA inspected facility and is vacuum sealed and quick frozen for best flavor and storage longevity. Call to schedule pick up, delivery, or to schedule a visit.
Categories: Farms; Meat Farms; Pork; Pasture Raised Pork
Region: Worcester County


Lilac Hedge Farm

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32 Walnut St
Berlin, MA 01503
(774) 249-4675

Lilac Hedge Farm raises pork, beef, lamb, and poultry using sustainable natural practices the way nature intended. We use no added growth hormones or steroids, and try to raise heritage, and heritage cross bred animals.
Categories: Farms; Meat Farms; CSA Farms; Beef; Lamb; Pork; Grass-Fed Beef; Pasture Raised Lamb; Pasture Raised Pork; CSA Meat Farms
Region: Worcester County