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308 S Lebaron
Mesa, AZ 85210
(480) 433-3547
(480) 307-9231

Natural mined and processed mineral deposit. Ground to 200 mesh with a cec of 37.5, c/n ratio of 17 to 1. Prefect choice for trace mineral replacement, teas and composting.
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Region: Maricopa County



PO Box 14386
Mesa, AZ 85216
(702) 522-1867

Our goal is to help nature not by force, but by understanding. Our commitment to research, continuing education and technical support will always remain vital components to our company's success.

Provide our customers with superior products that create exceptional results.

Create long term relationships with customers, vendors, and suppliers built upon trust.

Have the most educated and experienced employees possible.

Simply put we want to have the best products, relationships, and employees.

Recycle Renew Sustain Give me a call or drop a email to 702 522 1867
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Region: Maricopa County

Sagebrush Valley Ranch

Sagebrush Valley Ranch

Snowflake, AZ 85937
(928) 793-3690

We raise our sheep as natural as possible on our off-grid ranch in the White Mountains of Arizona. We offer sheep manure from our rare Navajo-Churro Sheep available in teabags or in bulk. Sheep Manure tea is great for your garden and earthworms love it.

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Region: Navajo County